Plan and prep…there are no excuses!

If you did not plan for today you just may regret that tomorrow.  This can be a vicious circle so in order to avoid the guilt and most often depression that occurs, PLAN!!  If there is one thing I can say that does take up time when trying to make positive changes into a healthy way of life it is the time it takes to plan meals and workouts.  However, I think it is vital and you must make the effort to plan your meals and workouts to stay on track.  For most this can determine whether you are successful or not.  Plan a day to prep your meals!  Plan your workout days for the week and what you want to train.  If you are involved in other activities outside of the gym such as volleyball or bootcamps, include those too!  Everyday you wake up and get ready for work and send the kids off to school…why?  It’s because it part of life and natually scheduled.  Some mornings may be more difficult than others especially when sending the kids off but you do it.  So while getting ready for work or getting the kids ready did you prepare breakfast for yourself?  Did you get up earlier to workout or do you still have to go to the gym?  Did you pack your lunch?  In order to stick to the program you must prepare and plan just like you would plan your day at work or plan your day around your kids.  Think about it!  If you plan and prep…there are no excuses!!

About motivateandbfit

Nutrition Coach focusing on understanding macronutrients and how to count macros. Offering online training programs when needed.
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