Why can’t people just be nice….?

iphone Sept 15 015I’ll never quite understand why people just can not be nice or be happy for others.  This is especially true in my industry.  Whether you have been overweight and just dropped 100lbs or you are getting ready for your first figure/bodybuilding competition, there are haters who hate and have nothing but shit to say about what it is you are doing.  Unless these people “know” you, who are they to make any comment about you?  I have a couple of clients in my life that have made some huge changes in their life.  They have gone from not exercising to exercising, they have done a 360 turn in diet/nutrition and they make time for themselves.  To top that off, a couple have decided to compete in their first bikini/figure/physique competition in 2013.  I think this is incredible…I remember when I decided to compete for the first time.  My clients are extremely happy, set their goals and have their eyes on the prize.  I am so proud of their accomplishments and I see how driven and determined they are to reach their goals.  Most of their friends and family are supportive as well…but then there are the haters.  The ones who criticize everything they train, everything they eat.  They knock every move they make and pass judgement to the point where my clients are a bit stressed.  For a moment they second guess their decisions to compete.  This just ticks me off.  I know exactly what they are talking about.  I was once that girl who was FAT and lost all my weight.  No judgement then as I was the FAT kid turned PRETTY in one summer.  Everyone was proud of me.  I maintained it thru junior high and high school.  The haters never really surfaced until I decided to compete.  This was especially true when I stopped going to the bar and focused on my training.  I never was a drinker but once I decided to compete I didn’t pick up a drink for anyone or anything.  Some of those “friends” I thought I had soon dropped out of my life.  Mostly because I couldn’t tolerate the “why you going to the gym all the time”  “why do you eat that way”  “you have no life” “you look sick…all those muscles”.  Funny thing was most of these comments came from friends that were overweight, sick all the time and had their own haters…themselves!  My first show was way back in 1998, ages me I know.  I loved every minute of the prep and I loved seeing my body transform.  I remember that feeling like it was yesterday…Oh wait…that’s because after years of not competing, I started back just last October.  The feeling of being on stage is amazing and I could give a shit what anyone says about my physique or my prep or my time in the gym.  Seeing your body transform and being so driven and disciplined out-weighs all the HATERS!!  This is why I am so excited and so supportive of my clients and their goals.  The haters will hate and for the most part it is those who are unhealthy and not disciplined or driven.  They are the ones that make the choice everyday to be lazy and can not stand those who actually give a shit about their health.  The other day a client of mine was really stressed about a few comments made to her and I feel for her.  No one knows her story.  No one knows where she had been with her health, what her goals have been and why she has decided to compete.  Instead of stopping her and saying WOW you look amazing…they pass judgement and say shit and spread gossip.  It’s sad really.  All I can say is that you must stand up, walk proud and kick those “haters” to the curb.  Friends or not, no one needs to hear shit while preparing for a competition.  Success comes from within…you must be driven and focused.  Do not let others dictate what your success should be.  Set your own goals for you and follow thru.  I can speak from experience.  I never ever let those haters get to me.  They still exist.  I am a well-respected Trainer in my gym yet as I train in the offseason I get the looks and I hear the comments all the time.  Funny thing is I never stop those who hate and criticize them.  I don’t have time for them.  I am so driven and focused that nothing they say will take me off track.  I know deep down that most are jealous and that actually makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  I know the focus and discipline it takes to prepare for a show.  I also know that trying to change bad habits into good is extremely difficult for some.

I can not wait to see my clients walk on stage for the first time.  I am so excited to see their potential and see them reach their goals.  The best part…I will be there up on stage with most of them.  Walking the talk.  I love it!  I love that I can share my passion with them and I love that I can support them along the way.  They deserve that!

So all you haters…stop hating.  You don’t know that persons story.  Just be nice.  Maybe your kind words will introduce you to a world of better choices and health.  OR maybe we will just keep kicking ass at life while you sit and go no where.

BE strong and Train hard…LIFT that shit and be proud! 🙂

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Nutrition Coach focusing on understanding macronutrients and how to count macros. Offering online training programs when needed.
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3 Responses to Why can’t people just be nice….?

  1. I saw a wallpaper that said, H. A. T. E. R. S. Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching for Success!

  2. Liza says:

    Ahhhh haters…….i hear the comments, the snickers and i see the glares. When i walk by u at the grocery store, the gym, my childrens soccer game, i see u bump your friend/ boyfriend, girlfriends arm and make some judgement on my physique or vascularity. Yes, it hurts sometimes( i am human) but you only add additional fuel to my passion, my goals, my dreams, my lifestyle. haters, you will not change me, you only make me better. Brandy u, i , we will be better! Xo

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