Hire the right person for the job….

DFP_2782So in June 2013 it will be my 6th bodybuilding show, a show that I am more excited for than ever.  I started to compete in 1998 and did 3 shows and decided in May 2011 that I would compete again.  Now count them…6 shows…this should make me an expert in “dieting” for a show right?  WRONG!!

Yes, I know what it takes to diet.  I didn’t know much back in 98′ and that is why I hired nutrition coaches back then.  Years later I am more mature and more experienced and more driven and knowledgeable but that doesn’t make me the expert and it most definitely does not mean that I can prepare anyone for the stage..specifically precontest.

It’s a pet peeve of mine that just because you’ve been on stage once or twice in your life you now consider yourself an expert in diet and training and you take on clients looking to compete.  The question that comes to my mind is what the hell makes you the expert?  I’ve done 5 shows to date and I don’t dare consider putting anyone on stage.  I’d love to one day but right now, not a chance.  Recently I have had more inquiries than ever about competing and all of them have been given names of coaches that I feel are the “experts” and who I think would be a great fit for their goals.  The only thing I’ve offered is “off-season” training with a tweak of diet.  I will continue to support them on their journey to the stage but never did I consider “dieting” anyone of them for a show.

It irritates the shit out of me to hear about “onetime” competitors selling their services…what services?  Their coaches “diet” and expertise?  Do they even know where to begin with the calories required?  The type of foods?  Type of diet?  Cardio or no cardio and if so how much?  Carb cycling, refeeds?  Do they even know what to do if their client “cheats” when they shouldn’t.  Do they know the “fix?”  Do they know about the last week?  What to train, how to train, cardio, no cardio? Carb load, fat load…blah blah blah? AND the biggest concern…AFTER the SHOW.   It’s crazy to think that one time on stage qualifies them to diet anyone for stage.  OMG…drives me crazy.

When I decided to compete again in May of 2011 I contacted the best trainer I knew in the business, Ron Partlow.  There was no question in my mind.  I met Ron in 1998 when I competed for the first time.  He was an amazing athlete and person back then.  We became friends after competing and kept in contact via Facebook.  When I decided to attend the 2011 Alberta bodybuilding show I made sure to stop by and see Ron and let him know I was interested in competing again and that I was interested in hiring him.  Why?  Because since 1998 Ron has competed in numerous shows and he is an expert in contest prep.  He knows his shit and you can see this in all the athletes he puts on stage.  He’s no bullshit!  He’s as hardcore as they come when it comes to the sport.  He is an ambassador for the sport, he is well-respected in the industry both nationally and internationally and he is just a cool dude.  I love his passion and I knew I could put all my trust in him.   I hired him because he was the right person for the job.  I am in my offseason right now gearing up for 20 weeks of dieting come this January 2013 and who did I hire for the job?  Ron Partlow.

My point is this…don’t think you’re an expert just because you’ve been on stage a few times.  You need to know your shit…all of it.  Do you know how many times I contact Ron?  Every damn time I need to.  He has all the answers and if he doesn’t I know he has the resources to answer my questions.  He worries for me and knows what to do at all times.  I never question him…I have no basis to question him as he is the expert and I am not.  Plus, my physique speaks volumes.  If I look amazing, my weight is moving and I feel good..he knows what he is doing.

Be careful out there.  If you are looking to compete seek out the trainers.  Ask around and find athletes that have good recommendations for trainers/coaches.  Seek trainers that have been on stage themselves, seek trainers with a great track record and those who know their shit.  Seek trainers that have had more experience that goes beyond the stage.  I believe a great contest prep coach is confident and knowledgeable and trustworthy.  I believe a great contest prep coach will not only guide you thru your prep for the show but your off-season as well.  Find the coaches/trainers that show their passion and don’t just train for the money.

As a trainer who has a trainer…I’m the luckiest person.  I’m accountable to Ron and I am very grateful for all his advice and expertise.  I believe that the last year and half under Ron’s guidance has molded me into the dedicated, motivated, driven and disciplined trainer I am today.  I owe a lot to him and I hope that those who read this and those who aspire to grace the stage one day find the same qualities and admiration that I do in my coach.  Ron, along with all of my clients, inspire me and for that I am eternally grateful.

Train hard, train smart and find the one that fits your needs and goals… 🙂

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Nutrition Coach focusing on understanding macronutrients and how to count macros. Offering online training programs when needed.
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