The right training partner…

So I pretty much train alone.  Those who know me know that you NEVER ever bug me while I train.  Most cases I’m training with my music blaring and my head down.  I try not to make too much eye contact so that no one stops to chit-chat with me.  I’m like this because I train in the gym I work in…this can cause some headaches as some will just stop me to ask questions about their training or ask things about the gym or even complain to me…while I train!  Who does that LOL?  Recently, I have been asked to train with some of my clients and I have also been asked to train at other gyms.  This is freakin’ awesome!  Love new gyms and love training with my clients.  This way I can show them the REAL side of training, it’s great!

Years of experience tell me that I am better to train alone.  I am very social so having a training partner can be somewhat of a distraction for me.  BUT I do like to train on occasion with a partner, but its finding the right fit in a partner.  I say this because you may have a friend that wants to train with you to feel motivated but maybe their goals are not the same and they actually hold you back.  There is the flip side too…maybe you decide to train with someone with tonnes of experience and you can’t keep up and you do more moving and adding weights than the actual workout.  This happens a lot.  Finding the right partner doesn’t mean you train with your best friend.  I think it’s important that you find someone with similar goals and motivation and focus.  Find someone who doesn’t care that you wear your headphones while you train together.  Find someone who is close to your strength goals as well.  You may never be exact with strength but a least if you are close you are not taking 3 plates off to do your set while adding 5 to do theirs.

This is just my opinion.  Many people train with their best friends but many years in the gym tells me in most of these situations there is no real gains or progress.  If you look around in your gym I think you will agree.  The most off the wall partner training will be those who may be 10 years difference in age, 2 ft taller, one doing a bodybuilding show and the other just wanting to keep up!  I love it!

Yesterday I was privileged to be asked by one of my motivated clients to train legs with her.  First, she is simply one of the most genetically gifted athletes I’ve worked with.  She is lean, muscular and strong!  She is  8 years younger, taller and no doubt heavier.  Our goals are similar though.  She came to me with goals to tweak and build her physique and to learn to train effectively.  She also is interested in maybe one day gracing the stage and competing.  We have been working on heavy, intense training and leg day is the perfect day to work towards personal goals.  She is inspiring and I know I motivate and inspire her, she reminds me daily.  I love her focus and motivation therefore we fuel each other in the workout.  It was a great leg day.  I know personal bests were sought and conquered and the intensity of the workout was incredible.  I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest…and no there was no cardio!  Just plain old HIGH intense training!!

My point is find the one that works with you and for you.  Don’t train with others just because.  Find those that have similar goals and find those that will push you beyond your limits!  Find those who are motivated and focused and those that are there for one thing…TO TRAIN!

Train effective..train smart and train past the pain…Lift that shit and enjoy 🙂

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Nutrition Coach focusing on understanding macronutrients and how to count macros. Offering online training programs when needed.
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