You need discipline, focus and motivation…not my diet!

Last year in July 2011 I started my precomp diet for my fall show which was in October 2011.  My competition coach decided on 16 weeks, 16 weeks of pure discipline.  He set the plan up and I followed the plan.  I never deviated, I never questioned it!  Since I had been on stage years before I knew exactly what I was getting into.  The diet isn’t easy for most but for me it seemed really easy.  I was grumpy here and there, maybe lacked energy on some days but not many.  I trained and stayed focused, my eyes were on the prize!  A lot of people asked me, while on my journey to the stage, what I was eating and if they could have my diet.  First I always responded with “I’m competing in a bodybuilding show, you don’t want my diet.”  Most would have positive responses and walk away.  However there would be that odd person who would want specifics of what I was eating, when and how much blah blah blah…My response quickly changed back then and I still respond with the same answer now…”You don’t want my diet, you need my discipline, focus and motivation.”

My physique doesn’t look this way just because I follow a “diet.” There are many things I do in order to stay on track.  I hired a contest prep coach to be accountable to and to ensure that I am in my best condition.  My diet is specific to my goals.  I am gearing up for a show in June 2013 so my offseason diet is strict with a couple cheats but I still must have the discipline to get back on track after my cheat.  I am very  disciplined, something I am very proud of.  The discipline involves prepping food, weighing and measuring every bit of food I consume daily.  This means measuring my egg whites, oats, lean protein, potatoes…EVERYTHING.  I’m so disciplined that I measure my sugar-free ketchup and my sugar-free pancake syrup and even the peanut butter I add to my homemade protein bars.  I never miss a meal and I’m always thinking about my next.  I train and train to stay on track.  Missing a workout is not a good thing for me unless I’m sick.  I love the gym, its my playground.

With two kids, personal training and having a husband that works all the time I have had to balance my life to enable this healthy lifestyle and competition lifestyle.  There are days that are no doubt difficult but at the end of the day I am proud when I have not deviated and that I’ve stayed on track.  That’s what people want, my discipline, focus and motivation.

A diet is just part of the HARD WORK equation.  Nothing comes easy, we all know that.  If you want results you have to follow a plan, stick to the plan and focus on the goals ahead.  You must be willing to put in the time and effort and at times take yourself out of your comfort zone to succeed.  You must be DISCIPLINED, FOCUSED, and MOTIVATED.

Always remember that choices are made daily.  Why not make positive choices for you…what not stay on track?  Why not be disciplined, focused or motivated?  Ask yourself what is stopping you from reaching your goals.

The gym is a playground…now go play! 🙂

About motivateandbfit

Nutrition Coach focusing on understanding macronutrients and how to count macros. Offering online training programs when needed.
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