It’s Contest Prep time!


It’s contest prep time!!  I wanted to start my countdown the week I started dieting for my show which was Jan 19th but life and career have been very busy.  I always say it’s never too late so here I am blogging about my prep in week 3.

I decided to add another show to my goal so I am planning on hitting the stage June 8th in the open class masters division and then hitting the provincial stage June 15th in womens lightweight bodybuilding!  So far my prep has been great!  I am still working with Ron Partlow for all my contest prep nutrition, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  He guided me to my best showing at the Alberta’s last June so it was a no brainer to continue with him.   Right now my diet is not crazy, it is pretty close to what I was eating during my 12 weeks up to diet day minus the cheat meals and a few calories.  I can honestly say it doesn’t feel like I’m in contest prep mode only because I am disciplined to begin with and it has become habit and a lifestyle for me.

For about 12 weeks Ron had me train my butt off to gain some muscle which I believe I did.  I think this years prep will be amazing and I am excited to see my body transform into the best condition yet!  I focused on high volume, high intensity training and limited my cardio.  On Jan 19th high volume and high intensity remain with only one slight change and that’s adding cardio.  Cardio will be 4 days a week at 30mins, nothing crazy!

During the last couple weeks diet has been bang on but I have suffered two minor injuries.  Last week I may have strained my hip flexor area which is good now but set me back a week from leg day.  I knew something was not right in that area so I rested, iced, rested, got out my foam roller and rested some more.  I feel like its almost 100% but I am training safe…I don’t want to be sorry.  My other minor injury was a cut to my middle finger.  It sounds harmless but it is deep and it is right near my nail which makes it difficult to grip as the pressure makes it really sore.  Back day, actually any day that required a grip, was a challenge.  This week it is much better and today I will try another high volume back day and see how it handles the pressure.  The one thing I will take away from my minor injuries is that I must listen to my body.  Training safe and effective is the only way, the smart way!

I am nearing the end of week 3 and I feel great!  Diet is bang on, changes are already happening and I am focused!  My prep will consist of 21 weeks!  To me its no big deal, 3 weeks have come and gone and it doesn’t feel like I’m dieting!  Those crazy, tired days are still far away so until then I will train as hard and safe as I can and focus on my condition!  I want to be better…I was amazing but I can always be better so that’s the plan.

There is no easy way, no short cut, just plain old hard work and discipline!  Train hard and stay focused 🙂

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Nutrition Coach focusing on understanding macronutrients and how to count macros. Offering online training programs when needed.
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  1. You are such an inspiration, I look forward to reading about your contests. Good luck 🙂

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