Do you have the support you need?

Support, what does that mean to you?  I know what it means to me.  In the sport of bodybuilding and competition support is vital.  They say it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people who share similar interests.  However, I think the most important aspect that comes from your support network is UNDERSTANDING and POSITIVITY.  I have been very lucky to have many supporters through out my career and throughout my competitions.  I have also had my share of negative “haters” which most I have either kicked to the curb myself or I they have learned to shut up or walk away.

Why have the support?  Well, during contest prep you become so involved with your diet and training that it consumes you.  You don’t always have time to just go and hang with your friends nor do you have the energy.  You can not always just go out and eat at your favorite restaurant or enjoy your friends birthday party.  You have to have those that surround you support your goals, not make judgements and to most of all UNDERSTAND AND REMAIN POSITIVE so that you can continue on your journey.  Supporters are not negative and they keep you motivated and inspired.  During your worst days, these people will pick you up, maybe cook for you, train with you or just come and spend time with you.

What is the best support?  Mine is my family and closest friends that never judge and push me to work harder.  I also have a coach for my contest prep that lives for bodybuilding and truly understands every aspect of what I go thru during prep.  It’s important to have that kind of support/trainer/coach so that you never feel as though you are going thru your journey alone.  I always feel like a priority with my coach Ron, even though I know he deals with so many clients daily.

I have been lucky to have so many supporters so I feel like it is probably one of the most important aspects of any training program whether it be for contest prep or a newbie in the gym.  Goals are set and having positivity, continuous inspiration and motivation around you is vital to the success.  If you have negative, stupid haters that have no idea, no focus, no discipline, and no understanding then chances are they will knock you down to the point where you will want to quit!  NEVER on my watch!

It is so important to me to be there for each and every single client that I have.  I want all of them to feel important and feel as though they are never alone on their journey.  Even when I take the summers off from personal training so that I can be with my family, I make sure that all my clients understand that no matter what, I am available.  Today’s social media has allowed us to be in continuous contact, allowing us to support one another no matter what we are doing or where we are.  I have been extremely lucky to work with clients that have set huge goals that are motivated to succeed.  I can honestly say I have seen many start with unbelievable support, to have some of those supporters walk away just because they have no open mind to change and no understanding.  It is OK to have those people walk away.  Maybe one day they will understand or set their own goals…tough to say.  Either way, getting rid of negative support is the right thing to do!

So at the end of the day, no matter what goals you set for YOURSELF make sure you have the support you need in your network of friends and family.  Those who truly support your goals will be there no matter what.  They will not judge…they will be honest…they will love you…they will be positive but most of all they will UNDERSTAND.  Think about it, do you have the support you really need?

Do it!  Believe it!  Dream it!  Never quit and don’t back down! 🙂


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Nutrition Coach focusing on understanding macronutrients and how to count macros. Offering online training programs when needed.
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