My life as a Mother, trainer, motivator and competitor!

“I’m too busy, I’m too tired, my kids are in so many activities, my husband is away…” I hear this all the time.  The EXCUSES in life that seem to be the reason why so many people can not stick to a plan to change their life for the better.  I thought it would be fun to describe my day as a mother, trainer, motivator and competitor.

I’m a mother and wife first no matter what.  Somedays it seems that I may always be focused on myself but in reality it’s to better myself for them.  I truly believe that if I feel better about myself and if I feel better in general I am a better mother and a better wife.   That being said, here is a brief breakdown of my life.  No matter what day of the week it is, I’m busy.  It’s my life and I accept that.  I find the balance.  Somedays are worse than others.  Somedays are truly amazing.  I get exhausted, sick and angry just like everyone else.  I am not perfect but I strive to be better everyday.  I always say “I love you” and my kids and hubby don’t go a day without my love and support.

Its 515 AM and my alarm goes off.  I’m always the first to rise no matter what day of the week it is.  The latest I sleep in on a weekend is 6 AM.  My body is used to the early mornings so unless I’m out really late I am up early in the morning.  I make my way down the stairs and start my day.  My morning is the same routine every single day.  I NEVER ever skip breakfast.  I start with my supplements taking all my vits/minerals and BCAA’s and glutamine.  I make 2 protein pancakes, one for me and one for my hubby.  I finish this off with a latte that I make as well.  Saves on time and I can control my sugar and calories making my own latte.   In between making pancakes I am prepping my meals that I need for the day.  It is all about using my time wisely in the morning.   By this time I’m sitting to eat at 6 AM.  I open my computer and start with answering as many emails as I can, responding to early morning txt messages and finishing off with checking all my social media sites.  I give myself a half hour and that can also mean working on my hubby’s business stuff.   It seems hectic but I get the job done all while chit chatting with Corey and listening to the news on TV.   Once 630 hits, my hubby is out the door off to work for his 10-12 hr day or he is headed out of town to return unknown.   The day he is away, it is the same routine minus the one pancake.  I don’t really change anything.

It is 630 AM and hopefully the kids are up and ready to eat.  They are up early enough to help out a bit in the morning.  My kids are fairly independent being 12 and 7 years old but I do like to help with making their breakfast and lunches.   We clean up and have to be up the stairs to get ready by 7AM.  Trying to get myself ready and helping my 12-year-old out with her pre teen issues like her hair takes time!  My 7-year-old is pretty easy but I love to curl her hair every second day so I make time for that too!  We have to leave the house by 805 AM so Maddy, my 12-year-old, can hang with her friends before the morning bell.  I don’t have to rush for her but I think it is important to do for my kids as much as possible.  I do find that it can be quite hectic but I also know how I feel if I arrive just in time for clients. I feel rushed and my day almost feels off.  Getting Maddy to school to be with her friends is part of the balance.  Brooklyn, my 7-year-old, she is always on time.  It actually benefits us to get Maddy to school early.  Brooklyn and I sit in the vehicle and chit-chat about her life, take pics or whatever before school.  It is our time alone.  It may only be 15mins but its 15mins every single day that I NEVER EVER MISS.

Now my day begins.  I am the trainer!  I am the motivator!  I am the competitor.  Balance, it is all about balance.

I start at 9am with PT clients and end around 230ish.  Through out this day, I have back to back clients, I have to eat and I have to train.  I do it!  I don’t make excuses, I just do it.  I will eat my food cold, on the run, finish a workout early to eat.  I train, I train hard if I have limited time.  If I have extra time in the day, I do my HIIT cardio then.  I only do 2-3 days of HIIT right now anyways (off-season) so it really is quite simple to get it in.  My weight lifting never ever gets put aside.  I will split if need be and I will train in my home studio if I have to get my workout in.  My goals, my balance.  Just got to do it!  I plan!  I know my schedule and I always schedule myself in.  If I have to make time for clients, I move my training around (off-season only).  During contest prep, I switch priorities to myself and I always train first and then it is clients the rest of the day.  It is not just PT clients that I’m dealing with.  There are days where I will put my phone down while training a client to then pick it up and see dozens of messages that I have to get to.  I leave my door open 24hrs a day for my clients.  Having support is vital so I always ask that if they need me to contact me no matter what time of the day it is.  I will ALWAYS get back to them even if it is to say that I will get back to them later.  I have nutrition questions daily, PT questions daily and people looking to hire me.  I answer it all and this too must be balanced.

If I have cancellations I use that time to plan for the next day, do data entry for Corey’s business or run errands.  Don’t forget I have to find time for grocery shopping and running another business!

It’s 230PM and I’m off to pick up Brooklyn and Maddy.  After school activities begin around 330.  Its meal time for me snack time & homework time for them.  I’m prepping what may be needed like veggies or extra protein.  I do all of this prior to their scheduled activities.  This way my food is prepped and I always have food for Corey and the girls.  We dont’ stop at subway to eat.  We don’t stop anywhere during the week.  There is the odd time where my kids will ask for a frozen yogurt right after school or a bagel from Tim Horton but other than that we eat at home.  I plan, we eat.  Once again I find balance.  Usually through all the chaos I am still answering my txt messages.  I do plug  in my phone and turn off the volume for an hour after school if I can.  I need to most days plus it is my time to chat with my girls.

It is around 630ish pm and I’m eating and maybe Corey has made it home or maybe he is still out-of-town.  We are usually out at basketball practice at least twice a week during the week and the rest of the time my kids are outside playing and I am finishing up dishes etc and prepping food.   We eat whenever, there is never a set time in our house.  I make sure the girls eat when they are hungry.  They don’t have to wait for their dad and I don’t make them wait for me.  Weekends, we try to eat at least one meal out all together (that is usually my treat meal) and on Sundays, 90% of the time we eat supper together.  We may not all eat the same food but we sit together as a family.  Our lifestyle is fast paced and Corey is never home so eating together as a family is rare.  We do other things to spend time together which again is balance.

I mentioned that we don’t eat the same.  This is true and I need to say this because this seems to be another reason why some can not stick to their plan.  I make what I make for my goals.  I make what my kids like and what my hubby likes.  For the most part it is the same but Corey does not like all the veggies I do so I cut up different ones for him. Maddy and Brook are the same.  They have their likes and dislikes.   Does it make it more hectic to cook so many different meals?  Sure, but I would rather eat different and feel great than eat stuff I don’t like and feel like crap.  Not guilty, crappy.  They are my goals and I have to eat for my goals.  I don’t like to eat pizza but Corey does.  That doesn’t mean we don’t order pizza.  I order for them or I make a pizza but I make my own meals.   I do this for balance and because I don’t believe that everyone in my family has to change their life to accommodate mine.  I believe this is balance and everyone is happy.

It is around 730-8pm before we start getting the kids ready for bed.  Brooklyn reads every single night before bed and I must be part of that.  It is rare that I miss her reading.  Maddy has her own rituals at night but basically she pulls out her phone or iPad and settles for the night.  It is probably 9pm before either kid is asleep.  If Corey is home he shares in the bedtime prep but if not, it is all me.  Once  kids are in bed Corey and I are making our last meal.  He has a pancake and I like oats and protein powder.  We may actually turn on the TV and watch our favorite shows on the PVR.  This comes along with answering txt msgs and any emails that I have.  Sometimes I use the last hour of my day to plan for the next day.  I used to keep my phone on til 9 or 10pm but now I having to turn it off earlier.  My life can be hectic but I find balance.  Balance means turning off my work and being a mother and a wife.

My life is busy.  I have good days, I have bad days.  I am not a machine I am human.  I laugh and I cry and I get angry I get sick.  I yell at my kids and my husband.  They yell at me!  I cook, clean, do laundry.  I plan, train and motivate.  I am focused, determined and disciplined.  This is my life, my plan, my balance.

I love my life.  I love my family and my clients.  I love my training.  There is nothing I would rather do.  I balance it as much as I can.  It is rewarding every single day even on my bad, hectic days.  No matter at the end of the day I feel rewarded.

I make no excuses.  I strive to be better every single day.  If I fall I get back up.  There is no secret, no easy way.  You either want it or you don’t.  You make the choice.

I have made the choice.  My choice…my life…my goals.  I choose to be happy and to love my life and my family and be passionate, what is your choice?

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Nutrition Coach focusing on understanding macronutrients and how to count macros. Offering online training programs when needed.
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