The Key To My Success

This blog is a bit of an update of my off-season progress and success.  I am writing this mostly because the most positive yet critical text message was sent to me from my coach yesterday.  Yes, I am once again working with Mutant’s big Ron Partlow.   As I’ve said in previous blogs, Ron is absolutely one of the best contest prep coaches.  He is not only a great coach that walks the talk, but he’s an honest coach with a no bullshit approach.  You either listen or you don’t, it’s that simple.   After the June Provincials, I reversed dieted out of my show to avoid rebound and to build my metabolic capacity.  I did this on my own until Ron and I started to work together in September.   Ron provided a new plan with more calories and a new breakdown of my workout.  In September when we started he told me to continue adding calories weekly and keep adding calories until I reach the total calories he had on my plan.  With this he also instructed that I still try to have at least one good meal (my cheat) or even 2 per week.   In order to do all this I had to continue to implement what I consider The Key to My Success which is my DISCIPLINE combined with my food scale and continuous hard work in the gym.

The key to my success truly is my discipline.  I am rare, I’ve been told that. I never ever used to walk the talk.  I have always known the basics of staying lean but never followed thru like I do now.  My background in personal training has helped me tremendously in the gym, there is no doubt.  I never back down from a personal strength goal, I train hard and heavy in the gym every single time.  But I don’t believe my strength in the gym is what has been my success.  It really is my discipline with my nutrition.  I will say the famous quote, “YOU CAN’T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET!”  You can’t!  I’m living proof of what it means to be disciplined.  I use my food scale daily.  I know EXACTLY how many calories I eat everyday.  I know all my macronutrient breakdowns and I cycle my calories based on my training days.  I have listened to my coach and I have applied my knowledge as a nutrition coach.

Right now in my opinion for my body type I am eating a lot of food.  It is not just the calories, it is the macronutrient breakdown of the food and the timing of the food.  I eat 6 times per day regardless if I am training or not.  My food is weighed and measured for every single meal.  This includes measuring my milk for my latte.  I time my food with my workouts.  I schedule my high calories on my training days and lower calories on my non training days.  Sounds easy and it is if you actually listen and follow thru.  The best is I eat at least 250g of carbs…yes you heard me!  I don’t shy away from carbs if I want to grow!  I eat them with every single meal and I eat them before bed!  The key is my discipline.  I never ever feel deprived.  I eat clean food 95% of the time and I always schedule at least one cheat meal per week.  Yes, I call it my cheat meal.  My term, my way.  The key to my cheat is I don’t binge.  I don’t need to when I eat so much damn food on a regular basis.  I use food as a tool and even the cheat is a tool.  The day I go out and enjoy food with my family is the day I have no care on how many calories I take in.  I just know that one meal, that’s right, one meal won’t hinder my progress.  In fact, it does the opposite if you use it to your advantage.  I always schedule a huge workout on the day of my cheat and I only eat the one meal.  Maybe that day I only eat 3 meals on my plan and then my cheat but that is ok.  I don’t OVERFEED!   Why would I?  What is the point in working my ass off to be so focused and disciplined and then eat my face off to work my ass off all over again.  It makes no sense.  I simply want a night out with friends or family and a moment in my life without a food scale.

I keep it together and I am so proud of myself for that.  I listen to my coach and I follow his plan with all my goals in mind.  I’ve been back competing now for 2 1/2 years and I have had Ron by my side the entire time.  I am accountable to him and myself year round, not just for contest prep.  I believe to be the best I must hire the best and follow thru to the best.

This is a big year for me.  I am training for the Nationals.  Ron knows this and he also knows that I can do this.   I’ve been on the National stage before but many years ago.  I did well for my first National stage appearance back then but I want to be better.   There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best especially at this stage in my life.  I am a mother and I am about to turn 39 in a week.  I never ever thought I would be competing at this time in my life and be in the shape I am nearing the age of 40.  I work hard every single day and I won’t deviate.  I won’t waste my time or Ron’s.  He’s a busy guy with many clients.  I want to prove to myself and to him that my condition in this off-season will pay off with showing my condition on stage in 2014.

My Key to My Success is my discipline, no doubt.  I own it!

I have made one promise to myself.  I will work hard and diet hard to be in top condition.  I am fierce and I believe in myself.  That’s all I need to be successful 🙂

2014 will be amazing…..



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Nutrition Coach focusing on understanding macronutrients and how to count macros. Offering online training programs when needed.
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