I know I’m ready!

It’s already that time of year for me, contest prep time.  It seems like I just got off stage and now I’m getting ready for another show.  I guess time flies by when you are having fun!  This past off-season has been great.  I set a goal to keep my conditioning in check all while trying to make improvements with my physique and I believe I was successful.  I feel good.  My mind is focused and I know I’m ready!

My contest diet is not far off of what I already eat.  Calories will be reduced somewhat but nothing crazy and my cheat meal per week will stop until my coach sends me for one.  I don’t get hung up on that at all.  Food for me is the tool I need to feel good and to tweak my physique.  Sure, mentally a cheat meal is great but I’m good with or without.  I know with my prep I always get at least two cheats.  Maybe this time around I will get more!

Training is good.  It’s not very often that my training lags, however I do get tired and I feel the impact of my diet.  I do listen to my body.  It’s tough to take a day of rest that isn’t scheduled but I will.  I know that if I walk into the gym during prep and I can barely get a pump and I’m feeling really exhausted, it’s time to take off the gloves and leave.  I experienced that a couple of times last prep and my coach just told me to rest and the trainer in me agreed.  One day off schedule won’t break me or ruin my prep.  It will be in my best interest and benefit to rest instead of pushing through a workout that in the end is just over-training.  I listen to my body and I listen to my coach.

Trust the process.  I believe in this.  I know I want my clients to trust me no matter what their plan is.  I trust the same.  I have a coach for a reason.   I don’t want to worry so I leave that all up to him.  My coach is very experienced in contest prep so it’s not often I worry and when I do, he always seems to convince me otherwise.

Posing.  Practice, practice!  I have to nail this!  Posing is vital.  It doesn’t matter if I am conditioned, balanced or have the best physique on stage.  If I can’t show case it with proper posing and the total package, then I don’t deserve any placing.  With having been on stage before, I have used the judges feedback to fine tune my posing for my category.  I have to nail this!

I know I’m ready!  I’m excited to see what my final physique will look like.  This is what drives me!  All the hard work will pay off I know it!  I’m excited to step on stage with so many other hard-working, disciplined and focused athletes.  It is such a rush.  Being on stage is simply an amazing feeling.  If you’ve competed, you know what I am talking about.  However, this year is big for me.  The last time I stepped on a National stage was 1999.  I was one of 12 girls and I placed a respectable 4th.  I honestly just want to be my best.  Placing is always nice, being first would be amazing but I’m not about that, never have been.  I’m driven, but the placing is not what drives me.  I want to be better, I want to be my best!

This isn’t my year, every year is my year.  My year to do my very best, to succeed and reach the finish line.

Here’s to a successful contest year!

Dream it!  Do it!  Believe it!

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Nutrition Coach focusing on understanding macronutrients and how to count macros. Offering online training programs when needed.
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