Contest Prep and Offseason

With these packages, you must be willing to track your macros daily.  With this, I oversee all aspects of contest prep which includes posing, routine suggestions, work out (if required) and cardio protocol.  I will assign macros and provide ideal food choices for your contest prep diet.  Everything will be customized to fit your individual needs.  Supplement guidelines will be provided.  Check in is required on a weekly basis, submitting progress pictures, current weight and feedback about how you are feeling.    Macros will be adjusted based on feedback.   I provide 24/7 support so please contact me no matter what the concern may be.  I will respond within 24 hrs.

Suggested food tracking app:  MY NET DIARY PRO or My Fitness Pal


2 Responses to Contest Prep and Offseason

  1. Erika Potvin says:


    I am from around your area- Leduc, AB.

    I am interested in finding a coach for my first bikini contest in June. I am new to the gym and to the concept of clean eating.

    Are you taking on new clients? And are you willing to meet me a couple times to run me through the workouts (at a price if need be)?

    • Good morning Erika,
      What gym do you currently train out of in Leduc?
      You said you are new to the gym and “clean eating” and want to compete in your first show in June? Which show are you talking about? Which association? Before I can answer your questions I need to know a bit more about you. What has brought you to the decision of wanting to compete. I’ve been in the industry for a long time and I urge everyone who wants to compete to truly understand the commitment surrounding competitions. Before I commit to anyone the reasons for competing must make sense to me. Having time in the gym prior to any show is a must even with bikini. Understanding the diet isn’t about “clean eating” it is the commitment to the entire process of competing. Could you send more information to my email I would like to hear more about you and you goals and your background in training.

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