Favorite Workouts


I love training back.  I think it’s by far my best asset.  I’m not sure why but not being able to see my back while training makes it better while training.  I actually have to use the mind to muscle connection.  I visualize my back and I FEEL the muscles working.  I can target and know that I’m hitting it!  I’m strong, no doubt.  It is something I am proud of.  I am the girl that does chin ups and wide pull ups…NO ASSISTANCE!  Below is one of my favorite back workouts…no worries on the amount of weight used…I lift heavy and I am intense with every repetition and set.

Wide pull ups (no assistance) 4 sets x 8-10Reps (failure)

Close grip pull ups (no assistance) 3 sets 8-12Reps (failure)

Inverted rows (straight legged) 3 sets 10-12Reps

Standing lat pull downs 3 sets 10-12 Reps

Seated low cable row 3 sets 8-10Reps (failure)

One arm row 3 sets 8-10Reps

Back extensions 3 sets 12-15Reps

Have fun, train with intensity and train smart! 🙂

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