Motivateandbfit…who is she?

My name is Brandy and I have been a personal trainer for 18 years.  I grew up being that overweight child at school and on the play ground and once I lost my weight I swore I would never go back.  I am passionate about helping people which has brought me to personal training  and nutritional coaching, working on promoting healthy living and lifestyle change.

I am a certified can fit pro trainer and a certified nutrition coach.    My background is bodybuilding, competing at both the provincial and national level.  I cater to all aspects, all levels and lifestyles of personal fitness.  You present your goal and I can help!  I am confident in my ability to help all my clients –from all walks of life- achieve their own goals through the power of nutrition and customized training.

My specialty is nutrition coaching, incorporating flexible diet methods and counting macros.  There are no easy ways and success does not happen overnight.  I will provide flexible macro plans that are life changing, research driven, nutrition coaching catered to your goals and lifestyle.

Life is about choices.  Make your choice now!

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