Nutrition ONLY Coaching

With these programs, YOU MUST be willing to track your food intake with a food tracker app and you must be open to being consistent.  With this, I oversee all aspects of your nutrition.  I will review a min 3 day DETAILED journal of food intake.  Once reviewed, I will assign macros based on your current food intake, goals and individual needs.  Supplement guidelines will be provided.  Macros will be set up to follow:  x grams of protein, y grams of carbs, z grams of fat with a suggested fiber intake target.  Weekly or biweekly feedback is required and can include feedback such as progress pics, weight, and measurements.  Feedback including how you feel you are progressing, any struggles or concerns and training is required.  I will adjust your macros based on your feedback and progress.  I provide 24/7 support so please contact me no matter what the concern may be.  I will respond within 24 hrs.

Suggested food tracking app:  MY NET DIARY PRO or My Fitness Pal

4 Responses to Nutrition ONLY Coaching

  1. Rylee says:

    Hey im so interested in your training and nutrition style I’ve seen how good my friends are doing with you I was wondering what your rates are. You can message me as well or call at 4035806337

  2. Sarah peterman says:

    Struggling hard with my food and looking to learn more about macro tracking.

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