Egg white Spinach Omelette

Eggwhite Spinach Omlette

egg-white Spinach Omelette

This can be a nutritious breakfast or any meal of the day!  I love to mix things up and be creative!  This is a sample of my veggie omelette on one particular day…it changes all the time so keep that in mind!


8 egg whites (250ml)

Veggies: Spinach (1 cup or more)

red peppers, broccoli, red/white onion

Mixed together and added sea salt and pepper, herb parm spice.

Pour into a pam sprayed skillet (or olive oil, coconut oil).  Cook at med heat and cover.  Once the top looks like it is cooked, flip it.  I usually cut into 2 pieces and then flip to avoid breakage.  Cook for another couple mins and then serve.


Add rice, quinoa, sliced potatoes for starch if you would like or serve on the side.

Toppings:  optional low-fat cheese but I usually sprinkle herb parm spice, add tomatoes and always add sugar-free Heinz ketchup!  YUM!  Love ketchup!

Its pretty easy and the options are endless!

If you follow a plan of any sort, don’t be afraid to add or mix things up.  As long as it is within your macronutrient/ calorie count you can create a delicious masterpiece!  Enjoy!

EAT WELL…Eat to fuel your body!

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