Egg Whites and Oats

Probably one of my favorite things to have in the morning is my egg-white & oats pancake.  Here’s the breakdown:

250ml Egg whites or 8 egg whites       134 cal

50g raw oats       200cal

iphone nov 17 571

Mix together and add to a medium heated non-stick skillet, spray pam as well.  Cook just like a omlette, flipping when ready.  Continue to cook and ready to serve.


You can sprinkle cinnamon and splenda and serve with WALDEN farms sugar-free syrup or add natural peanut butter (1tbsp) and sugar-free syrup.

Add your favorite fruit or almond butter and any sugar-free or low-calorie syrup.

Cookies and cream protein powder mixed with water (1/2 scoop) and make like pudding, add 1tsp of natural peanut butter and spread on the pancake.  Top with sugar-free syrup.

These pancakes are great for travelling.  Prepare and place in the fridge.  When ready to go out, spread natural peanut butter and cocoa on them, package like a sandwich and take anywhere with you!

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